Como aprender ir à casa de banho

Esta semana recebi um email de um blog que assino e recomendo How we Montessori sobre  a aprendizagem da ida à casa de banho aqui fica um pouco mas vale apena continuar a ler.

Indirect preparations for toileting

  • From birth, change your child's diaper as soon as she is wet to give plenty of indirect preparation (this can sometimes mean as often as every hour).
  • Using cloth diapers from the beginning helps immensely in developing awareness because they feel wet immediately. This immediate feedback helps the child make the connection between the urge to urinate and the result of releasing her muscles. Toilet training thereby occurs gradually, over time.
  • When your child is at the age of pulling up to standing, let her stand while you change her and talk about what you're doing, even involving the child where you can. This way, she can see what is happening and take an interest.
  • If you haven't done so already, move the diaper changing to the bathroom when your child starts to stand and walk. This helps them make the appropriate associations between action and location.

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